The Return of Creatives Playtime!

One of the first sessions we ever ran as Peace of Green (or PoG, as we affectionately call our little venture!), was a kind of grown up’s playtime, especially for people working in therapeutic or creative industries. We did this because we felt that people who spend most of their time looking after other people, or working to make people feel better, could probably do with a bit of their own medicine. Coming out of the pandemic, this felt especially important and timely

And so Creatives Playtime was born…

A few hours every couple of months for people to do as little or as much as they want. To just sit, be, play, chat, make or create in the woods. To be looked after instead of looking after for a short time. To breathe.

We loved it, and the people who came told us that they did too. We ran the sessions on donations, so money wasn’t a barrier and so that we felt that we were doing something to give back to those that give so much to others.

Last year we struggled to find time and space to fit many playtimes in, but it was still in our hearts and always on the list.

And so we are especially pleased to say that we are planning our first Playtime of 2023 on Saturday 18th February, 1.00 – 3.00 p.m, at our Nanpantan site. We are so looking forward to creating a special time and space for you, and hope that you’ll be able to join us.

Get in touch if you’d like any more information, or to book your spot, and we hope to see you soon x

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