Our Mission Statement and Ethos

Our Mission Statement:

light shining through red leaves

Peace of Green strive to provide high quality outdoor sessions in nature. We promote positive wellbeing and good mental health for all, particularly those who would normally find accessing these opportunities more difficult, such as those disadvantaged because of ethnicity or financial status. We endeavour to remove any barriers, for example by providing transport or clothes, or using signing or an interpreter. We provide a multi faceted and flexible approach, with the interests and needs of the group and its core. We are committed to enabling and empowering clients to develop a deep and long term connection with nature, so that they can experience healing, find moments of peace, and develop love and respect for the natural world. We work sustainably, promoting stewardship for our amazing planet on a local, national, and global scale.

a photo of clouds above the treeline

Our Ethos:

  • Promote good mental health for all
  • Encourage positive wellbeing
  • Create community and connection
  • Work with communities in greater need
  • Provide accessible and inclusive provision
  • Provide areas of calm and relaxation 
  • Encourage others to be their true self
  • Enable and empower clients to grow 
  • Provide an avenue to nature and help develop an attachment to the natural world
  • Signpost to other groups and opportunities
  • Encourage altruism, partnerships and build long-term relationships
  • Give excellent adventures, meeting our client’s needs with high quality services

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